Adam Scott wants to break Major duck

As Adam Scott began his new season on the PGA Tour last weekend at the Riviera County Club in California, United States of America, he is full of confidence that this might just turn out to be the year when he breaks his duck in the major championships and wins his first title on any one of golf’s four major championships.

He continued with the trend that he had been following over the last few seasons, Scott took a long break at the end of the season but he has returned to competitive golf with a short game which can be best described as sharp and with a firm focus on ensuring that elusive major title win.

Scott mentioned that he had played a lot more golf during his time off from the game compared to last year and as a result, Adam Scott believes that he will not start off the season from scratch. Scott last played competitive golf at the Australian Open which was held early last December. He mentioned that he is feeling great and has a lot of confidence, particularly because of the work he has done on his game, mainly his short game.

He added that he cannot wait to test it out in competitive action, especially in the first few tournaments of the new season. He stated that it would be absolutely brilliant if he could jump out of the blocks. Scott doesn’t want to feel his way into the new season.

And Adam Scott believes that he has not got a lot of time to mess around and he just wants to start off the new season with a bang. He mentioned that having worked so hard on his game, he cannot wait for it to bear fruit in the early parts of the season.