Historic putt was a gift

Europe came back from a real tough situation to win the 2012 Ryder Cup. And the one of the most important factor that played a vital role in Europe’s win was the 6 footer putt by Martin Kaymer. With that historic putt Kaymer enlisted his name in the history of golf and he is still flying high.

When asked about the secret Martin Kaymer told that it was not that easy. He mentioned about the pressure situation and termed the putt as a gift to him. Well, he can say that. Putting from a 6-foot distance under such pressure is not that what you see regularly. Weeks have passed after the Ryder Cup has ended, but Kaymer is still the centre of attraction for the world of golf. His magical putt against US’ Steve Stricker helped Europe to defend their Ryder Cup title and Kaymer said that he enjoyed every bit of it.

He also considered the putt as the most important one ever hit by him and would remain the most important one. Bernhard Langer of Germany had the same opportunity 21 years back when he failed to put the ball into the hole and had nightmares after that. Kaymer said he remembered Langer’s situation when he was going to make the shot. But this time, unlike Langer, he made it successfully which gave the European team a fantastic win over US.

Martin Kaymer, with this year’s win, became a golfer who has two Ryder Cup victories under his belt. Soon after the Ryder Cup ended, he congratulated his team and expressed his joy to be a part of such a nice team and having a captain like Jose Maria Olazabal. He conceded that it was his dream to win the Ryder Cup and he was elated when the moment came.