Third Annual Luncheon Held By Youth Development Golf Group

On Monday, in Albemarle County the first Tee of the Blue Ridge held its third annual luncheon.

The annual luncheon is held by a youth development group which teach core value and life skills through golf, that what to play and what to do.

With the help of sports-based youth development model, this group uses golf as a context for helping and guiding development. With this the model uses nine core values and nine healthy habits embed in this curriculum.

With this development researcher said that all this context, coaches and curriculum will help the children in future and to make them learn and develop the positive outcomes in their lives.

Ellen Markowitz assistant professor of UVA’s Curry School of Education said “You might think that teaching them about sports and youth development means that we are shifting them to youth development, but not it’s a way to teach them and make them to understand about their life goals and about assets through this sports program. Our intention is to make the classes and development in an interesting and different manner.”

With the development of the Virginia Blue Ridge chapter, the first tee has totally served young people around 9,000 in Charlottesville and their surrounding countries.

Now the next target and the goal of the members of the program are to reach 5,000 kids throughout this year and make them aware about their life assets and goals through sports program and youth development.

The more and more target will achieve throughout every year if kids and parents support and understand this national youth and sports program. It is good and safety for kids so as to prepare them for future and present. With only this program they can determine their life assets and goals.

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