Will Anthony Kim Return To Golf?

Since his injury in thumb Kim has not been seen playing any tournament even the PGA tour.

However, his fans are still hoping to see him once again ground to show his amazing shorts. So, the question is will Anthony Kim return to golf? Well, no one has a clear answer to this. In a recent interview with Larry Bohannan, whether Kim will be back to game gain? On the question he said, I had no opportunity to interview Kim and thus I can’t say anything about it.

Kim had injuries in his thumb and his Achilles tendon did not allow him to participate in the 2012 PGA tour. Though he didn’t participate in a tournament, but then he hasn’t played any game even after that. For four years, Kim has not been spotted playing golf. The fans of Kim and golf particularly the Coachella Valley, where Kim started his golf wants to know whether he will be seen next on the ground or not.

According to sources the insurance policies that Kim wants to use for his treatment, will kick only if Kim will not play golf again. This could be one reason why people associated with the game are presuming that he will not be playing golf again.

Three time winner on tour and member of Ryder cup Kim is a great player who loves playing golf. The largest fan base of Kim is waiting for Kim to make a comeback and play game the way he used to. No appearance of Kim in the game is making his fan think negative about him.

No one knows the time, maybe Kim is in the mood of giving surprise entry in game after a long time or it could be possible that he will never return to the game of golf.